Chapter 8 – Hangover

I was disorientated and did not know where I was when I woke up. I still have no clue how I got home from the club but what scares me the most is how I got changed in to my pjs.

I woke up at two that afternoon and looked at Aneesa. She was still sound asleep. I thought back and the night was unforgettable.  Getting ready is such a mission when you have a killer hangover. I felt like every thing took twice the amount of effort even just batting my eyelids was exhausting.

Looking at my phone I saw a reminder for my zuhr prayer, guilt suddenly rushed over me, not wanting to dwell on this pessimistic emotion, I lit up a joint and let the feeling pass. There is enough time to catch up on prayers I thought to myself. I’m finally living life now and finally a rebel.

The high didn’t last long. Suddenly I felt the calm and soothing feeling slip through my fingers. Annoyed my euphoric state escaped so quickly, I decided to text Aslam, to distract my mind from all these feelings.

“hey last night was amazing, thank you.” I texted in attempts to start a conversation.
“Baby face I want more, u’ve seen that I can get any women I want, but now you need to realize what you have.” He responded. What I have? What is he going on about?

meaning?” I responded curiously.
“You will see baby face….”  A thousand thoughts filled my mind with his response.

I went inside feeling overwhelmed by my emotions. Layha was on the phone planning Aneesa’s engagement.  I dreaded the thought of us returning to that  droog farm place after the engagement. I decided to offer my help. Suddenly looking at Layha a sense of guilt over took me.I was kissing this woman’s husband. Panic set in and my emotions started racing as realization dawned upon me. I decided that I needed an immediate “calm me downer.”

Knowing Layha, she probably has some sleeping pills lying around somewhere. I managed to sneak away unnoticed and raided her bathroom cabinet.  “Happy” pills. What a find ! I decided to keep a few for my self and took one right away. The feeling was exhilarating, so I thought.

Shaheen came later that afternoon to see if I reached home safely.
“Yoh, you are a real party animal, so what happened once you and Aslam left the club.” The nerve, I thought. He suddently took my hand and looked deeply into my eyes.

“I have always been attracted to the goodie two shoes, I want to get to know you more. If everything goes well before I start university next semester I want to make it official.”
Yeah right who died and made him a saint? I thought to myself.Thank goodness Aslam walked in when he did, wearing a look I had never seen before. Shaheen, sensing the tension, left. Not even two seconds had gone by before I received a text from Aslam.
What does he want? There’s no way I’m sharing my women. I don’t like u talking to him, so next time? Tell him to get lost. By the way I have a gift for you.” The text read.
“Are you jealous? Omg u are! Sweet! I love gifts, can’t wait.” I responded with a smirk plastered across my face.

I waited till every one was asleep. The nerves overtook my body, a tight knot forming in my tummy. In an attempt to relieve all my tension I popped another happy pill. I sat at the pool side and suddenly felt a hand around me. As I turned around Aslam pulled me up pushed me against the wall, kissing me with pure passion, it was heavenly.

“I missed you doll face.” Aslam whispered in my ear. I didn’t know how to answer as I tried to come out of his grip.

Aslam smiled at me and handed me a pink box wrapped with bright bow on it. I clutched the beautifully decorated box tightly excited to unravel what was inside.  I was surprised to find a provocative set of underwear. I sat there emotionless as if all happiness had just been drained from the earth.

“Baby face, I was your first kiss, I plan to be your first of many things to come.” smirked Aslam with a naughty look on his face.

I became enraged,

“I am not a slut, if it is sex you want. Go and have sex with your wife.” He held my hand tightly and pushed my hair behind my ear and suddenly all the anger dissolved into thin air. He looked at me passionately,

” I am going to have you because I am in love with you.”

Before he could say another word I took the box and ran. I ran into my room and I took a deep breath and whispered to my self ” I love you too.”

13 thoughts on “Chapter 8 – Hangover

  1. I only started reading a short while ago and I am hooked going from chapter to chapter. So scary when you have a daughter and sons
    Ya Allah may they make good decisions


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