Chapter 11 – Anger

Aslam vents and talks

Aslam left the house in a hurry. Layha was on the floor unconscious. As he started the car for a split second he felt that he should go back to see if she was breathing. He didn’t think twice and  just drove off in a speed.

Aslam suddenly started yelling to himself in the car,

“I didn’t mean to hit her but she drives me crazy to the point where I feel like I have no place to go but bash he face in. Why the fuck should I feel guilty when the bitch won’t learn that you never question your husband about his dealings.Women of today need to be put in there place. Honestly who gave her the fucking right to touch my phone? After all she is the wife I provide for her.  Who I fuck does not concern her. Just to show that bitch I’m going to make Fatima my second wife. That will put her in her place and teach her how to be a real good wife.”

Aslam picked up the phone and called Layha’s mother frantically,

“You must teach your daughter to be a good wife. I give her the best in clothes and everything but that fucking bitch wants to question me! I am furious. She needs a good bashing to show her who is boss. Layha is a pretty women but a man needs to have fun.” Surprisingly my mother in law concurred and agreed that Layha should mind her own business and what I did was no concern of hers.

As Aslam  cooled down after spending most of the night at a club drinking himself into oblivion, he returned home. From a distance he saw the ambulance and cops at the house and drove pass. His heart started racing. Was she dead? Did I take it too far this time. The regret was short lived as fury overtook him as he started shouting to himself again,

“Why the fuck did she call the cops? This is so over.  I’m going to get a second wife and show this bitch a point.  Layha must wish if she thinks I’ll let her go just like that. I am going to punish her. She is fucking crazy. At the end of the day it is my rules and she has no say. I have an image to uphold of an upright man and  now people will label me!  Cops. Why are the cops there? What will I do about the cops? She’s a whack job. That’s it. I will just tell them she has mental issues and book her into a nut house for few days just to teach this bitch a lesson.”

41 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Anger

  1. What a wonder blog,seems like this story about abuse is me n my life,society is very quick to lay blame on a woman,nobody knows what goes on between 4 walls, Ʊ are more than welcome to contact me on abuse.
    Shukran 4 bringing out abuse in the open


    • We needed a blog to show how raw abuse is that women no longer have to sit and make excuses for the broken heart while the bruised face bare the scars of reality. We need to stop sweeping abuse under the carpet


  2. Salaamz, r we supposed to live according to how society tells us to live? 1. Our mothers r to be blamed for the way we live the abuse we take day in and day out. If our dear mothers had taken more time to investigate the men we marry rather than the bank balance and keys to the cars that their future son in laws drive and have then we wouldn’t have be in this situtions. Once again I ask does society rule our lives? Can any mother answer this question

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  3. i agree with Aslam. She has no write to question. She is taken care of. Women of today want to be all westernize. They need to all learn a lesson


  4. @ SoluKarim- are you seriously smoking your socks!!! nothing justifies abuse of a women and if you think that that’s ok or the right thing to do then you need to really get some therapy!! A women’s rights are not just to be taken care off – she also deserves loyalty, respect , care- kindness- it goes both ways!

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  5. People are singing the writers praises.. has anybody not noticed this piece of writing filled with filthy language?? Is this deemed “well written” ?? Pathetic writing.. to the writer have some decency.. every person that reads these filthy words contained herein u will b incurring sin..


    • when editing this I thought about removing the foul language but unfortunately the language had to be added into it because this is how people are speaking. if you have felt offended then that is the response we would like. This man has done such vile ugly things and unfortunately we only focus on his language. language is the least of this man’s problems. that is why the language was kept so you should be disgusted at how vile and ugly this character is..

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    • Poster my blog is about social ills how we find them ok, like abuse and drugs sadly it common to see every day people using profanity. My blog parts are based on people life some on actual events to help show that society way of thinking needs to change. I do apologize in advanced if I have offended any one with the profenity used but in society we need to learn that profanity doesn’t get the point across faster. I humbly do apologize for offending any one but there is a point to it all on how the youth of today is venturing out if control and truth is that many of young people use profanity as part of every day conversing.
      Thank you for taking the time out to reply


  6. Did soluKarim really just post that???????????????????????? Can you be so sick as to not see that this whole story ultimately condemns the lifestyle that Aslam lives???? PS: Great blog, Mumtaz, please make Aslam live hell on earth and then give him a merciless death 😊😁😆😠😒😥

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  7. How can someone be soo bad and how can a mother be soo careless about her daughter. Its really sad to hear that the world has become such a bad place. Us guys should respect the women in our lives and a wife has every right to question and check her hubby’s phone.

    Before I get to carried away and I have a tendency to do so. Its an awesome blog. Keep up the good work.


  8. Aslam an upright man? hahahahaaa what a joke!! I fell down and purposely broke my rib (just kidding) to see if Layha was finding that fun..i’m going to read on..writer scores 7/10


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