Chapter 12 – Deception

When you become an addict you really don’t care about anyone else but your habit. Fati has seen herself as a functioning drug addict even though many people didn’t even notice that she had an issue. Everyone thought I was moody which is common in teens my age at this point in life.

Exams came and went and I have no idea how I got through it. Frankly I don’t even remember what I wrote and how it went. One Monday morning we got a call from Aneesa’s father to inform us that his sister Layha was in hospital and it was serious. Being very close family friends my parents decided to take a quick trip to Joburg to show support and offer any help they needed.

These past few weeks  were mainly a blur. I have been experimenting all type of stuff. I was currently on a  high on Prozac. Faheem has become indispensable to me.  Although I was emotionless, I was loving the high even though it lasted in short bursts. Aslam and I have been secretly meeting almost weekly! He drives all the way to Kempville.  He spoils me with lavish gifts from LV bags to Prada sunglasses. He’s been a real gentleman, not pushing me into sleeping with him.

After what seemed like a lifetime of driving we  finally arrived at the hospital. As we ran in we spotted uncle Adam, Aneesa’s father in the foyer. My dad took Uncle Adam outside and were in deep discussion.   Aunty Ray, Aneesa’s mum, looked at my mum and started weeping,

“Bibi, Aslam hit Layha and this time it’s not just a few fractured bones, this time she has broken ribs, internal bleeding and a broken jaw.”

I sat there in shock! My Aslam. It could never be. These people didn’t know Aslam like I do. The moment Aneesa’s dadi, Layha’s mum walked in. My mother confronted her not holding back. “Are you happy now? You always blame her like she deserves this and is the bad one.

“Well if Layha learns to keep her mouth shut this won’t happen, spoilt brat she is always questioning a man about his whereabouts,” counterattacked Layha’s dadi.  My mother looked at her with disgust. I was on dadi’s side. I thought Layha was lying and in her self pitying state did this to herself to get some sympathy.

Aslam walked into the room with cops. I started to panic.  My Aslam with cops! He looked at Layha’s mother and said

“Mummy tell them I would never do this, that your daughter is mentally unstable”. Aneesa’s dadi verified his version of the story. Uncle Adam was ravaged with rage.

“Calm down Adam,” said my father.

Uncle Adam started sobbing unconsolably,

“What has that bastard done to my sister?”

“I did nothing! Maybe if your bloody sister learnt to be sane most days then she wouldn’t do this, stop blaming me you idiot, she is mentally unstable and needs help. Adam how many times must I tell you this?” yelled Aslam.

Aunty Ray asked my parents to take Aneesa and myself to Layha’s house to rest.  As soon as more news comes in they will call. She thanked my parents for being there and that their support meant alot. I was annoyed at them for blaming my poor, poor Aslam for nothing. As we left the hospital late that evening all I felt like running away with Aslam so that he could forget all this drama.  When we reached Layha’s house I rushed up to Layha’s room and took whatever pills I could find. I took a whole lot to try and help me sleep.

17 thoughts on “Chapter 12 – Deception

  1. Mind is the driving force behind every form of addiction. In no time, we become addicted to the addiction and we feel like there is no way in which we can revert back. I liked reading it, thanks for the share 🙂


  2. clearly Fatima is still a child who cannot think like an adult. she is so naive. i say it takes to tango. Aslam needs a severe beating just the way he beat Layha up. He should be admitted to a rehabilitation centre with Fatime, Aneesa, Faheem and Shaheen. Hopefully they will become recovering addicts.


  3. Just wanted to pop in to say I love your blog. I’ve always been a fan of blogs, but some tend to bore me with the same old stories. Your story line is so appropriate, I feel in these times issues like these definitely need to be addressed. Keep up the excellent writing style and brilliant story too. All the best for you future efforts. Well done!!


  4. Thank you for the open and honest way in which u discuss real life issues.
    It takes me back to the time when i allowed myself to be a victim.
    I have shared your blog with as many teenage girls as possible (including my own) in a hope that they can learn about the realities of the pressure of life and equip themselves to hopefully handle it better.


    • Thank you, the hope was to change one person life to help some one see that abuse is a cowards addiction that all and that islam gives women so much rights we just need to stop mixing tradition with all else


  5. All who are addics plz go to a rehabilitation centre اللَّه halps thous who halp tham salf it is so sad. Fati after what happen don’t want to admit & want up to Layha’s room and took whatever pills she could find may اللَّه halp all who ar addictad go for halp plz. (Mumtaz jazk for the blog I hope &pray it halp thous who need halp آمِيْن يَارَبَّ الْعَالَمِين )


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