Chapter 13 – Disappointment

I woke up delirious. It was dark outside still. I did not know where I was. I walked out of the room and was met by Aslam as he was going down the stairs. He gave me the widest smile and warm hug. I really missed him. His breath wreaked of alcohol. We sat on the couch in the TV room. We decided to share some pills and before we knew it we were both floating, calm and serene.

We fell asleep in each others arms. I was awoken frantically by my mother screaming, “Ya Allah, he is a married man. What are you doing Fati? You both should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Aslam, rubbing his eyes said all groggy

“Aunty take a chill pill!  So what if I am married? I love your daughter and it is time everyone knew.”

My mother went off, ranting crazily, hitting him. Soon everyone was downstairs. In all the commotion, the one thing I will always remember is the look of utter disgust and disappointment in my fathers eyes

With tears in his eyes, Fatima, we have trusted you, gave you your independence and is this how you repay us? By running into the arms of a married man!

Aneesa’s words pierced my heart,
“I brought you into my aunt’s home. She welcomed us with open arms and this is how you thank her by opening your legs to her husband?”

As true as their words were, I didn’t care. Honestly I didn’t. I defiantly looked at all of them and unashamedly confessed my undying love for Aslam. He wasn’t the monster his wife portrayed him to be. With this, Aslam proposed and announced that he wanted to marry me.

I didn’t care! I wanted Aslam in my life! Nothing anyone said or did would stop me, and I made sure that everyone understood this.

Stunned, Aneesa’s could not fathom why I would want to be with someone that hits their wife? “You are beautiful, intelligent and you can make something of your life. Why settle for this?”
I defiantly laughed and boasted, “I go to the best clubs! drink the best! Why should I work a day in my life?”

Before I even finished my sentence, my father slapped me across the face in an attempt to jerk me back to reality. Tears now rolling down his cheeks, his lips quivered as he said, “Fatima! We raised you to be a Muslim! Here you are with a married man, talking about haram things! Have u gone mad?” His anger turned to hope as he searched for possible answers to the madness, “Maybe someone did something to our family. Let’s just leave right now and all this nonsense will stop.”

I needed a fix! I was becoming irritable and aggressive for no reason other than needing a calm-me-down. I ran out of the house. I just ran and ran. I was lost. Panic started to set in.



23 thoughts on “Chapter 13 – Disappointment

  1. Why is it that when something like this happens then we blame jadoo etc? Why can’t we accept that we as parents are at fault for allowing excessive freedom to our children. We are the shepherds and are responsible for our flock. We must trust our children but we can’t trust the environment we are in. It’s like standing in the rain without an umbrella an making dua not to get wet. If you put butter near a hot oven, it has to melt. So if you send your children oven without supervision, then don’t cry blood tears after that.


  2. I’m so hooked on this story! Sadly so many families go through this on a daily basis and society just turns a blind eye because as long as its not happening to them then it might as well not even be happening! Keep it up … Can’t wait for the next chapter!


    • I agree with that, society’s turns a blind eye because they say it will never happen to us. By them turning a blind eye little does one realize it the same as accepting the social ills in society


  3. Can’t imagine how hurt her parents are. We do our best to raise our children as good Muslims only to get let down by them. Thank you Mumtaz for letting us know that this kind of thing happens out there in our Muslim community. May Allah (swt) protect all our children.


    • Ameen as a parents it scary and nothing can equip you for some social ills. Every parent tried there best to do all they can to ensure the children they have is brought up correctly but In today’s world morals are seen as old fashioned and people like Miley Cyrus are seen as role models


  4. Slmz. I’m counselling a teenager that is on drugs n in an abusive enviroment. Its so sad when our kids go astray. May ALLah make it easy on the parents.


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