Confessions of an Addict  is a blog by Mumtaz Moosa Saley

No one is safe from addiction.

Confession of an addict was an idea written about in 2013. I was asked to highlight key importance of drug addiction as well as abuse against women and children.

As hard is it is to believe unfortunately these stories are real stories. Names  and places have been changed. Although some masala was added to thicken the plot, the essence of the story happened to someone.

After a while the idea sat and nothing was done about it.
Until a friend encouraged me to do more. Then Asma who wrote the book surviving told me go for it.

I feel that more awareness should be made about abuse. Schools have people talking about substance abuse but never about women and child abuse.
“Every body is addicted to some thing.”

We read the diary of Fatima farm town girl with big dreams until she decides to live a little and get involved with the wrong company, how she battles with drugs, abuse. 

(Big thank you to my niece Imaan.. Love you my child.
My friend and partner in crime Zaahida. With out your help this blog would have been stuck on my PC.)

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  1. Slms Mumtaz… Hope u well… Your blog is great! I’m a recovered cocaine addict, Alhumduriila almost 3 years clean & I’ve been wanting to share my story, even if it makes a tiny difference in 1 girl’s life…. I’m not a writer tho… Was wondering if its possible for us to chat further, perhaps u can advise me on how to go about sharing my story anonymously. Would be great to hear from u…. Thanks, S


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