Chapter 11 – Anger

Aslam vents and talks

Aslam left the house in a hurry. Layha was on the floor unconscious. As he started the car for a split second he felt that he should go back to see if she was breathing. He didn’t think twice and  just drove off in a speed.

Aslam suddenly started yelling to himself in the car,

“I didn’t mean to hit her but she drives me crazy to the point where I feel like I have no place to go but bash he face in. Why the fuck should I feel guilty when the bitch won’t learn that you never question your husband about his dealings.Women of today need to be put in there place. Honestly who gave her the fucking right to touch my phone? After all she is the wife I provide for her.  Who I fuck does not concern her. Just to show that bitch I’m going to make Fatima my second wife. That will put her in her place and teach her how to be a real good wife.”

Aslam picked up the phone and called Layha’s mother frantically,

“You must teach your daughter to be a good wife. I give her the best in clothes and everything but that fucking bitch wants to question me! I am furious. She needs a good bashing to show her who is boss. Layha is a pretty women but a man needs to have fun.” Surprisingly my mother in law concurred and agreed that Layha should mind her own business and what I did was no concern of hers.

As Aslam  cooled down after spending most of the night at a club drinking himself into oblivion, he returned home. From a distance he saw the ambulance and cops at the house and drove pass. His heart started racing. Was she dead? Did I take it too far this time. The regret was short lived as fury overtook him as he started shouting to himself again,

“Why the fuck did she call the cops? This is so over.  I’m going to get a second wife and show this bitch a point.  Layha must wish if she thinks I’ll let her go just like that. I am going to punish her. She is fucking crazy. At the end of the day it is my rules and she has no say. I have an image to uphold of an upright man and  now people will label me!  Cops. Why are the cops there? What will I do about the cops? She’s a whack job. That’s it. I will just tell them she has mental issues and book her into a nut house for few days just to teach this bitch a lesson.”